The Sin of Fornication

The act of sexual intercourse is a very intimate thing that has spiritual significance. It also involves the power God has given us to create life. Using this power for personal pleasure is not what it was intended for, and cheapens love and personal respect.

Sexual intercourse is intended to be used to create life, and children deserve to have a father and a mother joined together in unity with dedication to the upbringing of their children. This gives the children the best possible advantage for their future, and despite what socially acceptable theories or ideologies might say, there are studies and statistics to prove children have a better chance at life when their parents are married and living together as a family.

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Sexual intercourse is also intended as a way of bringing a husband and wife closer together. Their scientific evidence that the hormones released during sex help bond the two people together. Trying to pretend this doesn’t or hasn’t happened after sex in a casual, uncommitted, or less committed relationship results in emotional stress. This stress is often dealt with by having more sex (or pornography and masturbation), creating a cycle that leads to overstimulated emotions, broken relationships, and unhealthy behaviors.

Abusing sex for recreational or self-gratification purposes cheapens its true purposes. The emotional complications mentioned above will make family more difficult when/if that occurs, and take away from future opportunities and personal growth.

The ability to deny one’s self of personal gratification now, for a better future, is truly an excellent growth experience, and a sign of maturity. You’ll be better off waiting for that special someone, as it will make it that much more meaningful, and help strengthen that relationship beyond what it otherwise could be.

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