Building Christ-Centered Homes

One of the purposes of this life is to learn how to cultivate Eternal Marriages; which of course means learning how to have a proper family and home life. Often our families have problems that lead to contention and anger among family members. God does not want our families to be this way but wants us to have Christ-centered homes full of peace and harmony. The below list of scriptures is meant to help us understand how to have Christ-centered lives and homes. Much of it has to do with following Jesus and his commandments, as well as preventing contention by being forgiving and having charity toward others.


We are likened to a branch and Jesus is to a vine or main trunk of the plant. If we are not disciples Jesus he will not nourish us and we will not bear fruit. If we beareth fruit it’s because Jesus has nourished us. We become disciples of Jesus by keeping his commandments. In this way, our joy can be full. – John 15:1-5, 10-11

Jesus is the Rock and our Redeemer. If we build our foundation on the rock the devil will have no power over us. – Helaman 5:12

God has given us the freedom and knowledge that we can choose for our selves good or evil; however, we will receive the consequences of our choices. Helaman 14:30-31

Contention comes from the devil. God does not want us to be contentious, nor angry with each other. 3 Nephi 11:29-30

Being angry with other people puts ourselves in danger of going to Hell. Instead of asking God to fix the other person, we should forgive them, and focus on our own salvation. – 3 Nephi 12:22-24

Having charity is the key. Pray to God for charity. – Moroni 7:45, 48

Be forgiving of everyone. If you do not forgive others, you have a more serious problem then the one you need to forgive. Let God be the judge.  – D&C 64:9-11

Keep your home in order by having regular and consistent prayers, fasting, learning, faith, etc. within your home. Be loving, giving, and charitable to each other. Don’t look for faults in each other. Take care of yourselves and your surroundings to stay healthy and clean. – D&C 88:119, 123-25

Peace at Home

The late Richard G. Scott, in April 2013 gave a General Conference speech titled, “For Peace at Home“. In his talk, he points out that having Christ-centered homes is the greatest blessing we can offer the world. This gives us a place of refuge from the frantic world outside its walls. A place where we can feel peace and love while we “reset, regroup, and reenergize.”

Elder Scott gave the following suggestions on how to accomplish this by having Christ-centered homes:

  1. Make Good decisions based on what the Savior would have you do.
    • Follow Christ’s commandments.
    • Listen to prophetic counsel.
  2. Teach children to recognize how their actions affect others.
    • Children who are accountable for their actions become trustworthy.
    • Teaching children to be Christ-centered is one of the main purposes of the family.
  3. Cultivate good habits.
    • Have daily personal and family prayer and scripture study, and weekly Family Home Evenings.
    • Little Things lead to big things – Don’t let small indiscretions or neglect lead to big problems.
  4. Monitor and use technology wisely
    • Use technology to help you study and listen to good things.
    • Avoid time wasting and filthy content.
  5. Do all you can to invite the influence of the Holy Ghost into your life.
    • Be obedient to the prompting of the spirit.
    • Cease to fear, instead place your trust in the lord.
  6. Serve others
    • Selfishness is the root of great evil.
    • Focus on others through unselfish service.
  7. Welcome friends into your home that also need to feel the peace of a Christ-centered home.
    • Be a true friend to those who need to be strengthened by such an experience.
  8. Recognize the good in others.
    • Don’t focus or faults, but help each other to overcome them.
    • Build on the virtues of others.

Christ-Centered Homes

A Christ-centered home is a great resource that we can use to help strengthen our families and help those around us. As you center your home on the Savior, obeying his commandments and serving others, the natural outcome is an increased ability to do more. God blesses us with greater insight, improved talents, and abilities to do his work. Your home will become a refuge not only for your family but for your friends and neighbors.

Don’t worry if you can’t do everything we Christ has counseled us to do. There’s a time and a season for everything. Pray for guidance and he will direct you towards what you need to focus on in your current phase of life. Be sure to continually learn and grow one step at a time.

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