Come Blog With Us!

If you are a published LDS Author or prominent LDS Church leader, we welcome you to join us in producing content to our site.

Why post with us?

While we do not provide compensation for posting with us, this is a great opportunity to create not only positive, and uplifting content for all the world to see, it can also give validity and reinforcement to your own publications, services, and/or messages. This can help drive traffic to your own site and boost name recognition.

How to get Started:

First, you need an account on this site, which you can easily get by signing up here. Once you have an account, send us a message using our contact form to ask to become a contributor.  Please give examples of your work that we can evaluate to see if you are a good fit.  Once approved, you’ll have your access to the site upgraded, and a notification e-mail sent to inform you of your upgraded status. After contributing a few high-quality posts, we will re-evaluate if you can be granted additional permissions.

Guidelines for posting:

  • All posts must be positive
  • All posts must center around or at least related to a Book of Mormon topic
  • All posts must be your original work
    • You are welcome to re-post work done on other sites if it is appropriate for this site, and not subject to any copyright restrictions.
  • All posts are subject to editorial review
  • All posts are subject to being monetized
  • All links must be limited to:
    • unlimited links to
    • two other non-promotional links
    • one promotional link allowed in your signature

Failure to follow these guidelines will cause your post to be deleted, and in severe cases can even result in suspension of your account.

We look forward to working with you!

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