Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Site Dedication:  April 1854
Construction Commencement:  Summer of 1854
Dedication:  5 May 1855 by Heber C. Kimball
Rededication:  2 October 1856 (for baptistry addition)

Salt Lake City Utah Endowment House

Salt Lake City Utah Endowment House

This temporary structure used to stand on the northwest corner of the temple block in Salt Lake City as a place to perform Temple Ordinances while the Salt Lake Temple was being constructed. At the time of its dedication, President Brigham Young declared that the Endowment House was “The House of the Lord.” Proxy endowments for the deceased were never performed in the Endowment House, but reserved for the temple only. Proxy baptisms were performed until 1876. Endowments for the living until 1884, and sealings of living couples were performed there until 1889; when, due to governmental pressures and accusations against the Church, related to polygamy, President Wilford Woodruff had the Endowment House razed. The Church had three operating temples by then, St. George Utah Temple (1877) , Logan Utah Temple (1884),  Manti Utah Temple (1888), and the Salt Lake Temple (1893) was nearing completion.

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