The Anti-Entitlement Attitudes

I recently listened to an audio book called “The Entitlement Cure – Finding Success in Doing Hard Things the right Way“. In this book, the author Dr. John Townsend gives five biblically based attitudes we can have to defeat feelings of entitlement within ourselves:

  1. Humility – We are complacently dependent on God. Accept the reality of who God is, and who you are. God has the best plan for your life, look to him for direction. Acts 17:28, Exodus 19:5,
  2. Relationship – We are social people, and we need each other within healthy relationships. Love God and your Neighbor. Connected people are healthier, more motivated, and happier. Ecclesiastes 4:10, 2 Corinthians 6:11-13
  3. Responsibility – We are responsible for your own choices. We have the freedom to choose for ourselves, but we must also accept the consequences of those choices. Own your part of your job, marriage, problems, etc. You’ll never fix a problem until you take ownership of it. Take the beam out of your own eye first. Joshua 24:15,
  4. Accept Your Flaws – The judge in our own head is always the toughest. Don’t run from your flaws. God still loves us despite our flaws, and so should we. Once we accept them we can deal with them in positive ways. Jesus atoned for your sins and flaws, and through him we can be made whole. Psalm 139:14, Romans 15:7,
  5. Have Purpose – Life is best when you know your passions and talents, and use them to engage with the world the make it a better place. Be actively engage in a career, a hobby, or calling that helps you fulfill your role in life. Genesis 1:28

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The most important thing I got from this book is the idea that we can choose one of two ways to live our life. The hard way or the harder way. When we try to choose the easy way out, essentially trying to avoid responsibility for our actions, we are actually choosing the harder way because those consequences will catch up to us. On the other hand if we choose the hard way, by working at our lives in the right way, life is easier, and happier then it will otherwise be.

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