London, England Temple

Announcement: 10 August 1953
Site Dedication: 10 August 1953 by David O. McKay
Groundbreaking: 27 August 1955 by David O. McKay
Public Open House: 16 August–3 September 1958
Dedication: 7–9 September 1958 by David O. McKay
Public Open House: 8–14 October 1992
Rededication: 18–20 October 1992 by Gordon B. Hinckley

London England LDS Temple

London England LDS Temple

The London England Temple sits on a 32 acher countryside site about 25 miles south of London near the London Gatwick Airport. The sit is also shared with the Manor House, which has served various purposes including patron housing and as a missionary training center. You’ll also find 10 acres of paradise-like formal grounds featuring Eden Brook, numerous stately oak trees, a plaque-bearing “David O. McKay Oak”, and a pond that reflects the temple.

The “David O. McKay Oak” was a tree that President David O. McKay instructed to be preserved. It is believed to be over 450 years old. President McKay had taken a personal interest in every phase of development of the Temple, and even chose the exact location where the temple stands today.

Their was an overwhelming response to the London England Temple open house with times when over a thousand people where waiting in line to get inside. This prompted leaders to extend the open house another three days to allow for a total of 76,324 visitors. The dedication was done in six sessions, Sunday through Tuesday.

In 1990, the temple closed for two years to undergo major remodeling and refurbishment; included the addition of a fourth floor, upgrading of mechanical systems, replacement of worn furnishings, repainting of all interiors, cleaning of exterior, and more. In 2008, at the end of of two years of renovation work on the surrounding buildings, on the culmination of the temple’s 50-year anniversary, an 8-foot statue of the angel Moroni was added by helicopter.

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