BOM Lesson 10 – How to Withstand Evil Influences

Withstand Evil Influences

Breaking a string is easy, but to break the rope is much harder. Our testimonies start like single pieces of string, but we can strengthen them until they become unbreakable. We can all develop strong testimonies that will help us when others try to challenge us and our beliefs or try to deceive us. Having a testimony of Jesus Christ will help us have the power to withstand evil influences.

In Alma 5:46 we learn that we can strengthen our testimonies by having things “made known unto [us] by the Holy Spirit of God”. It goes on to say we can fast and pray “that [we] might know these things of [ourselves].” We also strengthen ourselves against evil by “keep[ing] the commandments of God” Alma 37:35.

Sherem Tries to Deceive Jacob

Nephi’s brother Jacob had a strong testimony about Jesus Christ (Jacob 7:5, 10–12). Jacob confronted Sherem who was trying to convince the people that Jesus Christ would not come. “He preached many things which were flattering unto the people; and this he did that he might overthrow the doctrine of Christ” Jacob 7:2–4. Sherem “had been deceived by the power of the devil” (Jacob 7:4, 18) likely because of a week testimony. Read about some of Sherem’s lies in Jacob 7:7, 9–10, 19.

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Jacob withstood the evil influence of Sherem because he had “heard and seen; and it also has been made manifest unto [him] by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, [he] know if there should be no atonement made all mankind must be lost” (Jacob 7:5, 8, 10–12). Although you may not see angels or hear God’s voice, you too can be strong when people tempt you to do wrong. The Holy Ghost can testify to you of the truth of things, and help to strengthen your testimony.

Strengthen Others By Sharing Your Testimony

Because Jacob stood up to Sherem and shared his testimony of Jesus Christ, “the power of God came down upon” the people who had seen it (Jacob 7:21). These people had “peace and the love of God” among them (Jacob 7:23). Think of how you can share your testimonies with others. Why do you think our own testimonies grow stronger when we share them with others?

Additional reading for this lesson:

Read the entire story: Jacob 7:1–23, and learn more about Jacob: 1 Nephi 18:7, 2 Nephi 2:1–4, 2 Nephi 11:2–3, and Jacob 1:17–19.

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