Baby Blessing

As a worthy Priesthood holder, I had the opportunity to bless my two 2 month old babies during Sacrament Meeting.  This is the first ordinance, of many, that they will receive in their lives as member of the LDS church.  This particular blessing was mainly to officially name the children for the church’s records, and as well as to give the child any other blessings they may required in their lives, as dictated by revelation trough the Holy Spirit.

Over the last couple of days I had been nervously preparing for this blessing, as it would be the first time for me to give a Father’s Blessing.  The Bishop had given me a Priesthood manual that contained guidelines for different Priesthood blessings, so I read over the one on Baby Blessings as well as studied the manual’s lesson on Father’s Blessings.
My Father was also in town to take part in the blessing, and I invited a few friends to join me along with the Bishopric in the circle we formed around the babies while I blessed them.  All involved were worthy priesthood holders.
The actual words to the prayer, other then the naming of the babies, were not pre-determined by church policy, but derived from thoughts and inspiration that had come to me while I was quietly studying and praying to invite the Holly Spirit to give me guidance in this task.  The blessings weren’t elaborate, but the peaceful feeling of the Holy Spirit was there.
Since this was the first Sunday of the month (typically when such blessings are done) we had the opportunity to bear our testimonies.  My Dad went up first and talked about the opportunity he had to bless me as a baby, as well as another blessing that is typically received as a young teenager, called a Patriarchal blessing.  This blessing is very personal to the one receiving it, and is done in a private setting; though my Dad and Step Mother were there when I received it.  Although my dad didn’t go into much detail, it was interesting to remember some of the things promised to me (as long as I live worthy of God’s blessings) that had come to pass, just as these babies came into my life; and because of them coming into my life.
I went up myself and bore my testimony of the miracles I had personally witnessed in my life that helped my wife and I reach parenthood, and the blessings that truly had been realized in my life.  My wife did the same after I had gone up, despite my urging her to go up before me.  The Sacrament meeting over all was very uplifting and spiritually nourishing, and the experience helped me feel closer to and more love for my young family.

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