BOM Lesson 4 – The Importance of Keeping Records

Keeping Records is Important to our Posterity

The Brass Plates are important to Nephi and his posterity, to ensure  “that we may preserve unto our children the language of our fathers; And also that we may preserve unto them the words . . . of all the holy prophets . . . that they might be faithful in keeping the commandments of God. . . .” (1 Nephi 3:19–21; also see 1 Nephi 5:21–22).

There are also other examples in The Book of Mormon where we can see this importance accentuated. The most potent example is in the Book of Omni when Mosiah discovers the people of Zarahemla. Due to the lack of records “their language had become corrupted; and they had brought no records with them” (Omni 1:17).

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Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal and teaching your children from other sacred records will help them in many ways. For Nephi and his posterity, teaching from the Brass Plates was essential to ensuring they were able to maintain their language and to live good lives. Our personal records can also help our children and grandchildren learn from our experiences.

Journal keeping has been taught in the LDS Church from the beginning. Even Nephi seemed to understand the importance of keeping a journal, otherwise, we likely would not have the Book of Mormon as we know it today.

Have you had an opportunity to benefit from the journal of one of your ancestors? Let us know in the comments.

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