Oakland, California Temple

Announcement:  23 January 1961 
Groundbreaking and Site Dedication:  26 May 1962 by David O. McKay
Public Open House:  5–31 October 1964 
Dedication:  17–19 November 1964 by David O. McKay

Oakland California LDS Temple

Oakland California LDS Temple

The Oakland California Temple is on an 18.3 acre site that is a highly recognized East Bay landmark in the San Francisco Bay Area. The temple entrance is complimented by a creek-style water feature running from fountain to fountain that is lined with colorful gardens and towering palm trees. Also on site is a visitors center and the East Bay Interstake Center both of which welcome visitors.

Being the second temple to be built in California, it is unique in that no other state – or country outside of the U.S.A. – other than Utah, had multiple temples at the time. The land took 14 years of negotiations to be purchased due to various obstacles. Still it took almost another 20 years before the temple was announced to be built.

A special meeting was held near the San Francisco airport to announce the construction, and area stake presidents from Fresno on the south, Klamath on the north, and Reno on the east, pledged to raise money for the construction and succeeded in raising $635,000.

The exterior features two 35-foot sculpted panels depicting Jesus teaching in the Holy Land (north side) and Jesus appearing to the Nephites (south side). The temple was closed for nearly two years for refurbishing and renovation, reopening on October 30, 1990.

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