Manti, Utah, United States Temple

Announcement:  25 June 1875
Groundbreaking and Site Dedication:  25 April 1877 by Brigham Young
Private Dedication:  17 May 1888 by Wilford Woodruff
Dedication:  21–23 May 1888 by Lorenzo Snow
Public Open House:  6–8 June 1985
Rededication:  14–16 June 1985 by Gordon B. Hinckley

Manti Utah LDS Temple

Manti Utah LDS Temple

Home to the popular summertime Mormon Miracle Pageant, the Manti Temple is perched at the top of a grassy knoll – in the middle of a 27 acre lot – called “Temple Hill”. Being at the top of this hill causes the temple to dominate the Sanpete Valley of central Utah, and can bee seen from miles away as you approach it along Highway 89. 

This temple was build a rattlesnake-infested stone quarry which contained the same cream-colored stone, Manti oolite, used for the temple’s exterior. The temple itself displays features including: Twin self-supporting, open-centered spiral staircases with walnut hand railings skillfully joined to hide the joints; and beautiful hand-painted murals on the walls of its progressive-style ordinance rooms. It is also one of only seven temples where patrons progress through various rooms during an endowment session, and one of only two temples that still has live acting for the presentation.

In 1985, the Manti Utah Temple was rededicated after a four-year renovation that included adding new rooms and offices, and restoring the pioneer craftsmanship and artwork.

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