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Mormon Temples

Just as temples were part of Christ’s ancient church, they are a part of his church today. In ancient times only a few temples are recorded as ever having existed, but today there are temples all over the earth.

The Plan of Salvation

As spiritual children of our Heavenly Father, God established a plan for our eternal progression and salvation, sometimes called The Plan of Happiness. Understanding this plan teaches us that our challenges in this life are important and temporary learning experiences;…

Must Babylon Fall?

Are the troubled times we keep seeing in the world today necessary or inevitable? Are they all part of God’s plan to disprove and push aside the things of the world so that Zion may rise for Christ’s 1000 year…

The Sanctity of Marriage

There has been a lot of news lately in Utah, and in recent years in other states, about the definition of Marriage; a topic I’ve written about few times in the past. As a member of the Church of Jesus…