Atlanta Georgia Temple

Announcement: 2 April 1980
Groundbreaking and Site Dedication: 7 March 1981 by Spencer W. Kimball
Public Open House: 3–21 May 1983
Dedication: 1–4 June 1983 by Gordon B. Hinckley
Rededication: 14 November 1997 by Gordon B. Hinckley (baptistery only)
Public Open House: 9–23 April 2011
Rededication: 1 May 2011 by Thomas S. Monson

Atlanta Georgia Temple

Atlanta Georgia Temple

The Atlanta Georgia Temple is 34,500 square foot, has pre-cast stone walls, and four ordinance and sealing rooms in a two-stage progressive format. It has a great stained glass feature that glows softly at night when the lights are on. It’s located to the north of the Atlanta metro area on a gentle hillside in the Sandy Springs community.

This was the first temple build in the southeastern United States and was the first of 89 temples that President Gordan B Hinckley dedicated.The groundbreaking was visited by almost 10,000 members, and later 60,000 people during the public open house.

The baptistery, as was promised, was expanded fourteen years later, along with additional offices and remodeled waiting rooms. President Hinckley performed the re-dedication of the baptistery. The angel Moroni statue has also been replaced.

The Atlanta Georgia Temple also underwent a two-year renovation from 2009 thru 2011. The interior was remodeled and the exterior and landscaping were also updated. During this time clothing rental was removed and the crystal from the Celestial Room chandelier was crushed and integrated with the art glass windows of the Celestial Room.

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