Washington D.C. Temple

Announcement:  15 November 1968
Groundbreaking and Site Dedication:  7 December 1968 by Hugh B. Brown
Public Open House:  17 September–2 November 1974
Dedication:  19–22 November 1974 by Spencer W. Kimball

Washington D.C. LDS Temple

Washington D.C. LDS Temple

The Washington DC temple is a 160,000 square feet building that sits on a 52 acre site just 10 miles north of the United States Capitol along the Capital Beltway in Kensington, Maryland. It’s built of concrete with 173,000 square feet of Alabama White marble covering it. It is also complimented with a magnificent visitors center that is decorated with lights during the Christmas season; including live and international nativity sets.

Inspired by the Salt Lake Temple, this temple was the first since the Salt Lake Temple to feature six spires, as well as the only temple outside of Utah to be built with six ordinance rooms. It is also one of only five temples featuring an angel Moroni statue holding the gold plates along with the traditional trumpet (The other four temples are the Los Angeles California Temple, Jordan River Utah Temple, Seattle Washington Temple, and México City México Temple). Soaring to a height of 288 feet, the Washington D.C. Temple is the tallest temple in the LDS Church.

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